Opis produktu

FLEX is a line of soundproofing materials based on elastomer rubber and mineral-polymeric membrane of high density. The combination ensures maximum effciency in noise reduction at minimum thickness of the material. The product is excellent solution for soundproofing of utility systems and services including ventilation ducts. The material is easy to cut and work with, health friendly.

The product has an additional layer of aluminum foil for protection of mechanical damage and aggressive external environment.


  • soft layer: foam rubber
  • dense layer: membrane based on polymers, high-density rubber, and mineral components (baryta)
  • aliminum foil
Transportowanie i przechowanie
ModificationsFLEX FLEX self-adhesiveFLEX ALFLEX AL self-adhesive
Length, mm *
Width, mm *
Thickness, mm
12 / 18 / 2712 / 18 / 271212
Area, m2
Surface Density, kg/m2

* size tolerance (for material with thickness of 18 mm and 27 mm): up to 5 cm.

ParameterFLEX 12mmFLEX 18mmFLEX 27mm
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient, dry weight, max., W/(m °C) 0/20/40
0.032 / 0.034 / 0.0360.032 / 0.034 / 0.0360.032 / 0.034 / 0.036
Airborne Noise Isolation Index, Rw, dB
Impact sound insulation improvement index, ΔLnw, dB
Density, g/m3
2000/40±15 *2000/40±15 *2000/40±15 *
Ecological Compliance
Asbestos-free, w/o CFC-HCFCAsbestos-free, w/o CFC-HCFCAsbestos-free, w/o CFC-HCFC
Oil and Benzine Resistance
Biological Stability
Storage period **
24 months24 months24 months

* foam rubber heat-insulating layer

** subject to storage and transportation conditions.

After the warranty period of storage has expired, the products must be checked for compliance with the declared characteristics and, if they comply with the declared characteristics, the period of storage may be extended.

Recommended temperature for installation +5 - +35°C
Recommended operating temperature -20 - +60°C
Transportowanie i przechowanie

The products shall be stored horizontally on pallets. Placement of pallets on one another is not allowed.

The products are delivered in rolls with cardboard tubes inside.

The products shall be stored in original packages away from sources of heat and UV radiation in a dry place at max. 30°C.

In cases of transportation or storage of the product at temperatures below +10°C, before installation it is necessary to keep it in a room for 24 hours at a temperature of +20°C.